With a personal background in computers extending back to 1965, Alan Deutch is the lead attorney for all Computer Law matters handled by the firm.

Typical Computer Law services include the following:

On behalf of Software and Hardware Purchasers:

  • Systems analysis
  • Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information
  • Bidding Provisions
  • Specification Delineation

On behalf of Software Designers, Developers and Distributors:

  • License drafting and negotiation
  • Negotiation and drafting of Agreements for:
    • Distributors
    • Dealers
    • Resellers
    • Licensors & Licensees
  • General Business Operational Advice and Counsel


Both attorneys Alan Deutch and Jim McAlister have concentrated part of their practice in real estate practice law.

Their practice includes transactional (Drafting, Negotiation and Closing of Residential and Commercial Offers and Leases) and Litigation.

The types of Real Estate Litigation which has been involved in their practice (in courts, various Administrative Agencies and/or in arbitration proceedings) include:

As litigators, we know that clients want and deserve to have experienced and knowledgeable representation. The attorneys at Deutch Law Offices have handled and are familiar with both the prosecution of and defense of personal injury cases involving severe and devastating injuries (including both automobile and truck accidents). While many law firms can make this same statement, the real question of clients with serious injuries is "how do I know that you will be able to get me a recovery which is both necessary and fair". The answer is found in the history of the firm and whether they have ever had settlements or judgments in the million dollar range. At our firm, the answer is yes and in fact, we have even had a recent (2012) settlement of over 10 million dollars involving a client who became a catastrophically injured as a result of a devastating collision between a truck and his vehicle. Similarly with business litigation, the question is likewise whether the attorneys involved already have the knowledge and experience necessary. With Mr. Deutch's extensive business experience and accounting knowledge as well as the knowledge and experience of the law firms who are of counsel to Deutch Law Offices, we bring the depth of comprehension necessary to properly represent our clients.


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